Gravity Perks – Gravity Forms Placeholder

Gravity Perks – Gravity Forms Placeholder


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  • Product Version:   1.3.7
  • Product Last Updated: 04.12.2018
  • License : GPL
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Gravity Perks – Gravity Forms Placeholder is a pretty good and useful plugin among the good WordPress plugins. Thank you for viewing, accessing and supporting our products. All Gravity Perks items are downloaded from the original source. You can download and use with complete peace of mind.

Gravity Perks – Gravity Forms Placeholder

Gravity Forms Placeholder

What does such do?

The Placeholder perk approves thou to assemble HTML5 placeholders in imitation of you Gravity Form fields. What are placeholders? They’re short recommendations to that amount display inline among structure enter fields (and textareas) up to expectation assist users enter oversea the fields including the correct data. They seem to be as this:

Once the consumer sta

How does it work?

This perk provides a latter subject putting for fields so guide the placeholder property. More about as below. After you’ve designated the placeholder because of a field, the Placeholder perk handles updating the field’s enter HTML in imitation of encompass the placeholder attribute. For browsers to that amount support placeholders (like Firefix, Chrome and Safari), this functionality wish labor natively. That capacity no exceptional scripts!

But alas, not entire browsers assist placeholders just yet. For these browsers (like Internet Explorer), the Placeholder perk hundreds a little jQuery Placeholder script by Daniel Stocks. This script adds aid for the placeholder attribute in accordance with older browsers consequently regardless about the browser, the consumer receives a equal experience.

How do I allow that functionality?

First step, as much always, is in imitation of prompt the Placeholder perk. Once activated, supported subject types about entire varieties desire robotically show the “Placeholder” setting correct beneath the “Field Label” setting.

rts filling the fields out, it would seem like this:

For individual enter fields (like the Single Line Text field or the Paragraph Field), even is solely a alone input because the Placeholder setting. For multi-input fields (like the Name field or the Address field), at that place intention stay an input in conformity with specify the placeholder for each enter concerning up to expectation area type.

Enter anything textual content you would kind of in conformity with appear so the placeholder for every subject concerning thy form. Save thine modifications and you’re honest to go!