WooCommerce Order Status Manager

WooCommerce Order Status Manager


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  • Product Version:   1.15.2
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WooCommerce Order Status Manager

Custom WooCommerce Order Statuses Completely Integrated in you Workflow

The WooCommerce Order Status Manager allows ye in accordance with create, edit, and delete customized rule statuses yet integrate them seamlessly in you WooCommerce method management flow. You may also redact bottom discipline statuses then set off latter method emails primarily based over fame changes.

Custom method statuses pleasure be back into you orders list, or do also be integrated among the order actions or bulk actions for a completely seamless fulfillment workflow.

Statuses between action

New order emails can also be brought about as an kilter status alternate notifier. You be able trigger emails primarily based about modifications among customized statuses then core statuses and so customers and/or shop admins are usually knowledgeable concerning kilter updates yet changes.

Why Use WooCommerce Order Status Manager?

Create instant method statuses then assemble icons yet employment buttonsDisplay discipline fame descriptions in accordance with customers about the “View Order” web page after give an explanation for discipline statusEdit WooCommerce bottom statuses in imitation of put in a “next status” for instant labor buttonsUse “Next Statuses” in accordance with beget a seamless fulfillment workflow and accumulate method work buttonsAdd greatness moves because of latter statuses into the orders listDrag and fall orders statuses in conformity with re-order the path they’re proven between you adminUse status icons alternatively concerning text badges between the “Orders” list NEWInclude orders together with customized statuses of keep reportsMark system statuses as much “Paid” in imitation of consist of download links, buy notes, yet lousy applications now customers discriminate these ordersMark order statuses as “requires payment” in conformity with show “Pay” then “Cancel” hyperlinks in conformity with customers NEWAdd recent kilter emails, which execute remain prompted primarily based regarding repute changesEdit current e-mail content material by latter templatesImport present custom statuses beyond custom articles yet mean pluginsSafely eject custom statuses except dropping orders

Add New Order Statuses

You can add a current discipline popularity yet select an idol according to show into the orders list (which replaces the textual content badge because a popularity name). Action buttons perform also lie added postulate this desire be aged as like “next status” via another status in thy discipline flow. You can also accumulate next statuses after determine who movements buttons need to stand displayed for this status.

Edit Core Statuses

You execute edit a bottom WooCommerce system repute in imitation of assimilate “next statuses”. For example, you be able Gather a custom status namely a next status for “processing” orders, as intention show you customized reputation employment button because of somebody technology order.

This makes kilter administration simple, fast, and effortless according to use, as much customized statuses are totally built-in in the orders workflow.

Add New Order Emails

New kilter emails can keep delivered based totally concerning system fame changes, which include adjustments together with custom system statuses. When this emails are added, they perform stand edited yet enabled within thy WooCommerce e mail lists, or the template perform be overridden between thine theme because greater limit atop the content.

Display Status Information to Customers

Customers may keep frustrated by using rule administration when it don’t be aware of the place theirs orders are. While you statuses are supposed after help among you success workflow, displaying a status kind of “Manufactured” then “Assembling” doesn’t tell clients anything.

You execute at last employ a story because anybody status (including interior statuses!) up to expectation will keep shown in imitation of clients so he mouse on the rule status.

Complete Order Status Management

Rather than including one-off statuses so much don’t integrate including the rest regarding you emails, statuses, then success process, ye may in modern times completely paint customized statuses of you rule administration scheme. Use custom icons, job buttons, yet new emails to tailor orders to you shop and helpt in accordance with automate thine system management.