Some men are remembered for their noble deeds, while others behave so oddly that it’s hard to say anything good about them. Maybe there is some logic in their actions, but it often can’t be understood.

  • When I gave birth to our daughter, my husband said he wanted a son. A year later, he hinted that it was time to start working on a boy. I didn’t mind, I just wanted to wait for a few more years. My husband persisted, “If you don’t do it, somebody else will!”
    When our daughter was 3, he left the family. It turned out he had had another woman for 2 years, and she was expecting a child. It was a long divorce, he even wanted his half of our cutlery. Finally, he had a long-awaited heir, 2 years later another one. It was 11 years ago.
    Recently, my ex’s mother called me and asked me to meet. I didn’t want to, but still agreed. It turned out that the ex-husband is getting a divorce. The kids weren’t his. He had an affair again, his new wife found out about it and filed for divorce.
    He said he’d demand full custody of their sons. And then the woman said they were not his children, and a DNA test proved it. The ex’s mother asked me to make peace with her son and take him back, because we have a daughter, his only child. I refused, of course. © KMP / VK
  • My second childbirth was very difficult. My daughter was taken to the city hospital in a resuscitation car, and I was kept in the maternity ward for another day, and then was released. So, I was going home alone. By bus. What about my husband?
    My husband said, “I’m so tired after work. Get a taxi.” We’re on good terms with him now. He pays child support, is good with the kids. Sometimes we talk about different things. I never forgave him, though, but I learned my lesson. Now I have a wonderful husband. © Svetla.DA / Pikabu
  • I was cycling. The chain came off, I fell and broke my arm in 2 places. I called my husband to tell him what had happened, and he was like, “You’re such an idiot! How are you going to cook, clean and take care of the child?” And soon we broke up. Why going on to live with a person who doesn’t care about you? © Pomore / Pikabu
  • In college, I went on a date with a male model. Nothing wrong with that profession, but he acted like a “typical” male model. He talked about himself the whole time, kept describing how successful he was because of his “look,” would talk over me, got wildly offended when I said DJing isn’t rocket science, had me pay for my own coffee, then proceeded to say he had a great time/wanted to keep seeing me. There was no second date. © Light_The_Way / Reddit
  • I called my husband while he was at work to ask how things were going. He replied, “It’s fine. I finished everything an hour ago. We are now sitting with coworkers, playing a game. My home computer broke down, I can’t play at home.”
    I was astonished! I thought, “Okay, I’ll show you what’s what,” and said, “Ian, there are games at home too! Come and have fun with a vacuum cleaner or washing machine. You can also play with our children.” © Mamdarinka / VK
  • My father never paid child support, but back in 2008 he gave me a laptop with a receipt for 1,000 euros. Recently, my dad called again to ask how the laptop was doing. When he found out that now I have a new one, he started yelling that I killed a wonderful and almost eternal device that cost him 1,200 euros (the receipt was for 1,000), and demanded to return the laptop in any condition.
    Now I can’t decide whether I should return him the money, the old laptop, or forget about it. It was a gift, after all, and he never paid child support or supported me financially. I wish I didn’t take anything from him. © Overheard / Ideer
  • My husband complains all the time his job is so hard. But he literally sits there, does a bit of work and then is on his phone a majority of the time. Then comes home like he had such a hard job.
    Come on, and do the dishes. I gotta go work a laborious 10 hours. But yes, your job is so hard. Also, he makes $21 an hour to sit on his butt all day. © Blitzgf4893 / Reddit
  • I’m on maternity leave, so doing 90% of newborn’s care, and my husband asks me to help him get our toddler ready in the morning while he sits on the toilet for 20 minutes and then takes a shower. My husband’s problems would also be solved if he started getting ready 20 or so minutes earlier. He gets up with our newborn sometimes around 4 or 5 and will just sit there with him sleeping and watch movies. © Chickypotpie99 / Reddit
  • I went on a blind date who thought he was really something. Told me I was “average” and he expected better. I can accept that, but when I showed him pictures of my dog, and he called him a mutt. Nope!
    I ordered the most expensive item off the menu and took about 2 bites. Put the rest in a box for my dog and walked out! © Unknown author / Reddit
  • The ex was raised by his mother to be a complete domestic invalid. He could wait for me from work and starve while the fridge was full of food. All because food in his mind was a plate of hot food under his nose.
    After a couple of months of living together, he learned to take cold soup out of the fridge and eat it. After another month, he learned how to use the microwave. Towards the end of our marriage, he was able to cook simple recipes, make tea and do dishes. He was now ready for independent life! © Podsushano / VK
  • My husband works from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. He thought it would be the perfect schedule for him to get off work, go hang with friends, come home and sleep until work the next day… Every day. I’m lonely, man. © -burgers / Reddit
  • I lived with a guy for 2 years. He worked a lot. He always came home late, tired. Naturally, I was nervous about it, but I had to keep up with it. I often caught him texting other girls, but there was nothing inappropriate there.
    Recently, he started calling someone at night. And then a girl texted me. She wanted to know what kind of relationship I had with him because she saw me texting him. She said they’d been dating for a couple of weeks.
    I asked the guy directly how he could explain this and showed him our messages. He told me to forget it, he had work to do, and closed the door right in front of me. I haven’t heard from him since then. I can understand many things. But I can’t grasp the idea of how a man has nothing to say about what he did after 2 years of a relationship? © Chamber 6 / VK
  • My husband puts his dishes in the sink without wiping large bits of food off of them. We don’t have a garbage disposal. He has never had a garbage disposal. And then on top of that, he never cleans the sink drain when said large bits of food inevitably find their way into it, just keeps using the sink as normal until there’s a swampy mess of water that can’t drain because there’s too much food in the way. And even then, he’ll just leave it and hope it eventually drains in its own time.
    Always my job to clean up the chunks of old food. It’s disgusting. And yet, I am so incredibly grateful that this is the most annoying thing he does. We are ridiculously compatible in so many other ways. Food bits in the sink is a good problem to have. © HangerBits257 / Reddit
  • I was riding a bus, and a girl sat next to me. I’m a very shy guy, and it took me a long time to gather my thoughts. And then I came up with an idea. I opened the text editor on my phone and wrote that she was very beautiful. The girl thanked me and we started talking.
    I liked everything about her: from the tone of her voice to her freckles. When I got off the bus, I was over the moon that I had met such a wonderful girl. It’s just I forgot to take her phone number. © SITUATION / VK

And here are a few life stories from women with a great sense of humor.

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