Look at this small house. It is 27-square-meter but has 3 rooms. The family arranged the house in a way that every member of the family has a room. The interior will amaze you…

Do you know where Gothenburg is? In the country of Carlson and the Moomins, of course. One lovely family decided to turn their dacha into a cozy place where they can spend a pleasant day off and gain strength. What did they do?

This is an area where dachas are located, but people here are in the mood to relax; they are not fenced off from each other with three-meter fences so they can hang out over their garden beds. On the contrary, they live openly and spend time communicating and caring for themselves and each other. Their houses are compact, because a person doesn’t need much. Look, this 27-square-meter house is three-room! But next to it there is a terrace where you can grill without fear of rain, sit in the fresh air with your favorite drink and spend time in intimate conversations.

Inside there is a kitchen combined with a living room, where it is nice to gather with the family. Every detail is in place, every one is functional. There is a place to sit, a place to heat up dinner and prepare breakfast.

They provided an armchair with a sofa and essential kitchen appliances. There is a kettle, there is an oven, everything is at hand. It’s very nice to escape the city for a few days and not have to drag a trunk of things with you.

The parents settled in the attic, there was a nursery below, two beds on top of each other. Minimalism reigns everywhere, every shelf is spacious and comfortable. There is no bath in the house, but a warm bathroom in the country is incredibly pleasing.


When it gets warm, some of the furniture goes to the veranda. Flower pots, a safe grill and garlands also appear there. It’s a pleasure to throw parties and invite neighbors to talk about life.

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