Love can happen in unexpected ways, and for one woman, it’s a bit unusual. Meet 37-year-old Meirivone Rocha Moraes from Brazil. She made headlines worldwide because of her marriage. But what’s really surprising is who she married – a life-sized ragdoll named Marcelo.

Now, they have a family together. They say they have three kids: a 1-year-old son named Marcelinho and newborn twin daughters named Marcela and Emilia. It’s quite a unique story!


Meirivone says her family life is just as complicated as any other mom’s and wife’s. She talks about her life on TikTok. She explains how she and Marcelo share parenting duties equally. Marcelo is the one who worries about money for the family.

Having kids hasn’t been easy for them. Meirivone says, “It’s tough, but I feel emotional every moment. Marcelo and I have a lot to do with our new babies and taking care of our first child. Even when I’m tired, he helps me with bathing, eating, and sleeping.”

Despite the challenges, Meirivone says it’s all worth it. Marcelo always wanted a family and kids, so he’s happy with their life together.


The couple has big dreams of owning their own home. Meirivone has been searching online every day since their wedding in 2018. She won’t give up on her dream.

Their relationship is unique but has its challenges. Meirivone revealed in June 2023 that Marcelo cheated on her, and it wasn’t the first time. As punishment, she made him sleep on the couch and removed his private parts.

In February 2023, their son Marcelinho was kidnapped, and the kidnappers demanded $200. Thankfully, he was returned safely, and he was there for the gender reveal of their kids.

Every family has its own story, and this family is no different. Despite their unique problems, they find a way to move forward. Share their story with others to learn about this very unique family!

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