Once considered the epitome of Hollywood glamour, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were a powerhouse couple whose radiance eclipsed even the brightest stars.

Yet, their once-envied union has since crumbled, overshadowed by bitter divorce proceedings and publicized courtroom battles.

Recent court documents have reignited the spotlight on their tumultuous relationship, alleging that Pitt’s purported “physical abuse” towards Jolie predates the infamous 2016 plane incident.

Their legal skirmishes extend to the sale of a French winery they co-owned, a venture now tainted by accusations of betrayal and misconduct. Pitt’s lawsuit against Jolie, accusing her of undermining the winery’s reputation, sparked a retaliatory claim of abuse during the ill-fated flight from France to California.



While Pitt vehemently denies these allegations, Jolie’s legal team has presented new evidence suggesting a history of abuse predating the plane incident.



The latest filings hint at a contentious exchange involving the sale of Jolie’s stake in the winery, marred by Pitt’s insistence on a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to suppress any mention of alleged abuse.

Amidst the legal wrangling, Pitt’s camp dismisses Jolie’s claims as a diversionary tactic, emphasizing the court’s previous ruling granting Pitt equal custody rights based on a thorough examination of their relationship.



As the saga unfolds, the public’s focus remains fixated on the unraveling of a once-glamorous partnership, now laid bare amidst acrimonious legal proceedings.

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