Seth, an ambitious 11-year-old child from Utah, has recently earned widespread acclaim for his unique business plan. Instead of setting up a standard lemonade stand, he opted to take a different approach by standing near the pavement with an ‘Ice Cool Beer’ sign.

Seth has been recognized for being born with an intuitive sense of business due to his bravery in taking risks and putting his skills to the test.

The youngster’s resolve to push himself and express his creativity has paid off, demonstrating that success can be attained at any age if one is ready to work hard and think beyond the box.

Seth, a young business prodigy, had recently put up a stand outside his residence in Brigham City, peddling something that seemed to be ‘beer.’ This first caused concern among the neighbors, prompting the police to be contacted.

When the officers arrived at Seth’s booth and examined his wares, they couldn’t help but laugh. He was selling root beer, but because of the vague green wording on his poster sign, it may have been misinterpreted as an alcoholic beverage.

The Brigham City Police Department was impressed by Seth’s marketing plan, demonstrating that even at such a young age, he had a keen eye for detail and a grasp of attracting clients.

The tale quickly circulated online, eliciting praise from individuals worldwide who were interested in Seth’s business drive.

When the police came to a report of a suspicious person, they were met by Seth, a young entrepreneur striving to start his firm.

He worked hard and was clever above his years, trying to build a name for himself with an idea he thought people would love. He received mentorship and free promotion from the department when the police posted his story on social media.

Many people who read about Seth commended his entrepreneurial drive, with one person saying that someone should be ashamed for calling the police in the first place.

But, the agency took a different stance, stating that residents should never be embarrassed to report something disturbing. They also bought Seth some root beer to show their compassion and thank him for his efforts.


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