After losing her husband Ron, Lucy moved in with her son and daughter-in-law. After her loss, she wasn’t prepared to live on her own, so she stayed in their house.

Just as Lucy had wished, her son was receiving the rent money from her own property. The purpose, she said, was an expression of appreciation. Lucy stayed home with her housewife daughter-in-law Eve while her son Connor worked long hours as an information technology technician.

While Connor was escorting his mother’s bags to the second floor, he reassured her that she wouldn’t have to worry about her knees or the stairs.

Everything was wonderful at first. Eve was very kind and attentive when she was against her. Despite Lucy’s offer of assistance, she continued to prepare the meal and wash the dishes alone.


Amidst all the housework, Lucy was determined to lend a hand. Over time, though, circumstances changed, and Lucy found herself completing errands alone, despite the fact that her aging knees were becoming fatigued.


Eve contacted her mother-in-law, Lucy, while she was watching television a few days before Christmas.


“Lucy,” Eve began, “I need you to do the laundry and then run out and get ingredients for both our dinner tonight and Christmas dinner as well. Nine people will be visiting. Before the time you leave, I will hand over the cash.”


Since they were going shopping together, Lucy was taken aback. On this occasion, though, she gave orders rather than requests.


After some time, Lucy came to the realization that she would soon be serving as her daughter-in-law’s maid. Without her, she ceased to be a guest.


However, before she departed, she wished to teach Eve a lesson. Lucy was accustomed to cooking and preparing for large gatherings due to her large family background.

The house was alive with the aroma of Lucy’s home-cooked meals as Christmas Eve approached.

They sat down to eat as soon as the guests began to arrive. One of her son’s friends said, “Aunt Lucy, this food is amazing! Was everything you made from scratch?”

“I did, Ross,” Lucy smiled and stated.

She could tell her son Connor was pleased by all the compliments his mom got. This was Lucy’s first Christmas without her husband, Ron, so while she was delighted, she was also missing him.

“Lucy,” Eve exclaimed, “I never thought you could whip up such mouth-watering treats!”
“Thank you, Eve,” Lucy replied, as she had a plan on her mind, to teach Eve a lesson.

While Connor was in the living room tending to their guests, Eve and Lucy were busy clearing the table after supper. Lucy noticed that Eve was looking envious as she stared at her.

Lucy was jealous of all the people who raved about Lucy’s cooking and how much they enjoyed it. “Lucy, can we talk?” Eve asked later.

“Absolutely,” responded Lucy. “My darling, what’s going through your head right now?”

“I didn’t realize how much you do around the house. I’ve wanted to take it easy, so I added it to your load. I’m so sorry.” She said.

Upon realizing that Eve had learned her lesson, Lucy couldn’t help but smile. Lucy began by saying, “It’s more than fine; I simply want you to understand that, despite my desire to pitch in around the house, I’m getting on in years, and my knees aren’t what they used to be.”

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