When Sofia insults Chloe, an old classmate working as a shop assistant, the last thing she expects is to see her rich husband entering the same store with a mistress. But after he offers Sofia money to make up for his mistake, Chloe discovers an evil plan in store.

While browsing through designer outfits, Sofia encountered Chloe, an old classmate working in the store. She smirked, checking out her clothes compared to her own designer clothing.

“Chloe, is that you? Oh my god, I cannot believe you’re working in this hellhole!” she greeted, her tone sweet but her words scorching.

Chloe smiled kindly despite the obvious mocking. “Hi, Sophia. Glad to see you! How are you?” she asked.

Sofia did a little twirl, her smirk still in place. “Best of all, baby!” she exclaimed, her hands lifting as she showed off her jewelry. “I drive a Porsche, wear diamonds, go to parties, and enjoy life in general as always.”

She then sighed, shaking her head at Chloe, and told her how sorry she felt for her. “I told you! If you had dressed up, made your hair, and gotten a little plastic surgery, you wouldn’t have had to work either,” Sofia added.

When Chloe attempted to change the subject by offering her some tea, Sofia promptly requested a coffee. Chloe called over Liam, another store attendant, to fetch the drink.

But Sofia had to show off again. She snapped her fingers at the young boy. “I’ll have a latte, lactose-free, skimmed milk with cream. Make sure it’s not too hot,” she demanded. “Hello? Are you listening?”

Liam and Chloe shared a knowing look but stayed polite, and Liam left to get the coffee. Sofia turned her attention back to Chloe and criticized some more.

“Chloe, believe me, I wasn’t going to come to this hellhole, but Tom got an urgent call from work,” she explained. “Tom owns his own large company; he makes his schedule, but—What am I talking about? You wouldn’t understand.”

Chloe continued smiling and nodding while trying to steer her old classmate toward their selection.

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