Several years ago, a father did not enter the delivery room when his wife was giving birth. They remained in the waiting area until the nurse emerged and delivered the news.

That is not the situation nowadays, as many guys spend time with their significant other. Husbands may not have always been involved, but they are today.

Sometimes the males respond strangely when they see what is going on behind the scenes. Some guys have passed out, and some have even exited the room.

Amanda Renee chose to share how her husband responded when he realized what was going on. After sharing it on Facebook, it spread like wildfire.

Renee stated that she wasn’t anticipating a major reaction when she released the photos. They did not glance at them until they returned to the room.

After witnessing the expression on his face, they knew there was no way they could stay from sharing them with the world. We’re pleased they did, too, since we all got the necessary understanding chuckle.

Now that they’ve seen the photos, they want to have them printed and framed.






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