An intriguing photo puzzle has generated a lot of discussion online as bewildered onlookers tried to figure out the correct answer.

This puzzle challenge will test your ability to use logic and your eyesight if you consider yourself a puzzle enthusiast!

Let’s get started right now. Before continuing for more instructions, take a look at the image below.

Examine the image above and answer the following question: How many persons are in the picture?

This puzzle is far from simple, despite its seeming simplicity.

It’s full of ploys, and only the sharpest minds will be able to see through the lies to get the right answer.

Before you scroll down for suggestions, give it one more look!

Was the number you guessed at first 11? But sadly, that is untrue!

Paintings shouldn’t be included because they aren’t real people.

Perhaps you decided on 5? Again, incorrect!

The real count is higher than that figure.

But don’t forget to ignore the obviously lifeless stone monument in the center.

After finishing your exam, reevaluate the puzzle and reveal the right answer by scrolling down!

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