Amid allegations of marital discord, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez appeared in public for the first time in seven weeks.
After rekindling their romance in 2021, the pair were married again in July 2022. They met at Fin Affleck’s 15-year-old child’s school function. They arrived apart and did not display any obvious affection, but they put on a unified appearance. Ben also brought flowers, and Jennifer gave Fin a bouquet of sunflowers.

An informant said that their main priority was helping their children, and Jennifer, who is close to Fin, attended with her daughter Emme. As Jennifer strolled with Ben’s kid, Samuel, there didn’t seem to be any conflict between them.

Ben went for a more laid-back style with jeans and a flannel shirt, while Jennifer donned a beige button-down and jeans.
Their differences and Jennifer’s evident emphasis on her job caused tension in their marriage, despite their unwavering love for one another. A source claims that although Ben is in favor of Jennifer’s goals, their public appreciation of their partnership could have added to the tension.

According to the source, although Jennifer is still an expert in marketing and public relations, the public’s enthusiasm for their relationship has decreased, indicating a change from the “Bennifer” era. She was at fault this time.

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