In public, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are not afraid to post pictures of their four young children.

Even though some parents like to keep their kids’ faces hidden, the Hollywood couple often shares cute behind-the-scenes moments that most people wouldn’t see.

But Legend shared a picture of the family of six before this year’s Oscars that caused a lot of trouble.

Legend posted a picture of himself and Esti, who is 13 months old, before the Oscars. They walked toward the camera holding hands and wearing only tops.

Legend wore a half-tuxedo, and little Esti wore a pink dress with lace on it.

The singer-songwriter wrote “Ready” under the cute picture.


His fans were quick to talk about the sweet moment between the father and daughter. He looked like he was ready to work from home, so many people said, “Must be ready for a zoom meeting!”

But many people didn’t think the picture was funny and instead told the father of four off for not wearing pants.

“John I know this picture was meant well by you. It’s not right to show the world that you look like you don’t have any underwear on! Take a look at the bottom of your shirt. You have a son… Show some respect. Why do you want to post this… Before you post, you should think about these things. This doesn’t seem very good. I love all the skills you have for sure. “This is not cute at all!”

“It makes me really cringe…”

“There are way too many strange things going on these days.” People need to be careful what they post.

“This tastes so bad and is so disgusting.”

“Why do people give permission for this? It’s not funny; it’s just weird.

Later, Legend went back to Instagram to reassure his fans that he did, in fact, wear pants to the Oscars.


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