A young married man met a beautiful woman one day.

The man promised to pay $500 for her company if they stayed the night together. In spite of this, he couldn’t help but feel that the night hadn’t lived up to his hopes. He thought the amount he agreed to pay was too high for what he had been through.

Instead of giving her cash, they agreed that he would send her a check marked “apartment rent.” In this way, they could part ways without a fight. But the man was still unhappy, so he sent her only half of the agreed-upon amount and a letter describing why he was upset.

He wrote in the letter:

“Hello, Madam,
Inside is a $250 check that is meant to pay your rent. Why did I send a different amount than what we agreed on at first? When I rented the apartment, I had certain hopes. I thought the flat would be empty, have a warm and cozy feel, and be a good place to live. But last night I found out that the apartment had been lived in before, didn’t have good heating, and was too big for my tastes.

The woman was shocked when she got the letter and the lower amount. She immediately gave the man back the check and sent him a letter in response:

“Hello Sir,
To begin, I find it hard to believe that you thought that a lovely apartment would stay empty forever. When it comes to warmth, it is possible if you know how to use it right. In terms of size, the room is definitely big enough. Please do not blame the owner if you are unhappy with the furniture. I have to tell you that I will have to call your present landlord if you don’t send a check for the full $500.”

This story reminds us that we should never guess what will happen or decide something quickly. When we do that, we might face results we didn’t expect. Let this story teach us all something.


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