Does your home seem to be going through a lot of eggs? You are not alone, though.

In addition to being tasty and high in protein, eggs’ shells provide a plethora of other advantages.

Here are seven strong arguments for keeping those eggshells instead of throwing them away.

1. Organic Pest Repellent

Are worms, snails, and slugs ruining your lovely flowers? Do not be alarmed! Watch the magic happen by scattering some eggshells at the base of your plants. Because these pests can’t endure the sensation of eggshells, they won’t go near your garden at all.

2. Displaces Deer

Deer nibbling on your plants is a common issue if you live close to a forested area. But relax! To keep these gentle giants away from your plants, scatter some eggshells around them. It appears that the scent of eggshells is repulsed by deer. Try it, and wave goodbye to those who would have you munch on plants. Click here to find out more about plants that withstand deer.

3. Avian Food

It is quite delightful to have birds visit your yard. They not only entice you with their lovely melodies but also aid in the management of undesirable vermin. And what do you know? Eggshells are quite popular with birds! As you scatter some over your garden, see how these avian companions congregate to savor their preferred snack.

4. Boost The Health of Your Soil

Eggshells provide a wealth of calcium and other elements that are highly beneficial to your soil. You may improve the general condition of your soil and provide your plants with the nutrients they require to flourish by adding broken eggshells.

5. Take Care of Your Vegetables

Some vegetables, such as eggplants, tomatoes, and peppers, are more susceptible to rotting because they lack calcium. Bury some broken eggshells in the soil around your food plants to avoid this problem. You can guarantee that your vegetables maintain their flavor, color, and plumpness by doing this.

6. Reach Equilibrated Soil

Do any of your favorite plants struggle to survive because the soil is too acidic? Fear not—eggshells will come to your aid! Eggshells may be buried in the soil surrounding these plants to help balance the pH level and foster a more growth- and bloom-friendly environment.

7. Composting Made Simple

If you could compost eggshells instead of throwing them away, why would you want to? You may add crushed eggshells to your compost bin or pile. You may save needless waste and improve the general health of your garden by composting them.

Hence, the next time you crack open an egg, give it some thought before discarding the shell. They may significantly improve your yard and help you lead a greener lifestyle.

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