A Reddit user discovered her husband’s allegiance to his mother over their family. Despite an agreement to cut ties due to the mother-in-law’s mistreatment of their child, the husband betrayed this pact. On Valentine’s Day eve, he claimed an extra work shift but was found having lunch with his mother.

Their routine lunch break schedule contradicted his excuse, leading to confrontation. The husband’s response implied prioritizing his mother, sparking public embarrassment. The wife froze their joint account after spotting a significant purchase for her mother-in-law.

Her friend suggested her reaction was excessive, but OP left when her mother-in-law confronted her. Despite her husband’s claim of involving the police, doubts lingered. Reddit users condemned the husband’s deceit, suggesting legal and financial autonomy for OP.

The consensus supported OP’s reaction, deeming her husband’s actions as potential grounds for divorce.


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