Before engaging in any outside relationships, a couple who chooses to pursue an open marriage must come to a mutually agreed upon set of terms.

The woman’s account demonstrates how unjust her husband was to her since they agreed to an open marriage and he did see other people for a while, but he changed the rules when she decided to start seeing other people.

Her message received a lot of responses. Numerous messages offering advice on what to do next and sharing their opinions on the subject were sent to the woman.

Some thought that her husband’s hypocritical behavior was sufficient justification for her divorcing him as it was clear that he didn’t treat her with the decency she earned and that he wouldn’t remain faithful even though he was the one who requested that they have a traditional marriage.

He used the idea of a “open marriage” as a justification to “officially” date other women without feeling bad about it. If not, he would have accepted the reality that she met someone else she was content to date.

He not only disregarded her needs, but he also betrayed his word to her about dating other women, who he was obviously still seeing. At this point, many people concurred that he was unfaithful.

Some suggested that she put her personal needs first and take the time to figure out what makes her happy and what she truly wants.

Not only does this woman need to learn, but every woman needs to know that she deserves to be treated with honesty and respect.

The least she could do is talk to her closest friends and family about her worries. If that doesn’t work, other readers advised her to think about getting professional advice or seeing a marriage counselor.

In actuality, every marriage is a complicated partnership that requires a great deal of appreciation and understanding from both parties.

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