In the realm of fashion and social media, Rihanna, at 36, stands as an indomitable force. Her recent actions underscore her unwavering resilience in the face of criticism. Most recently, her business venture, Savage x Fenty, took center stage on Instagram with a provocative video.

The post featured a montage of the Barbadian singer showcasing the brand’s lingerie in various settings.

The caption revealed Rihanna’s longstanding affinity for the brand, stating her allegiance since its inception.

It also tantalized fans by unveiling her personal favorites from the collection, now curated under “Rihanna’s Favorites” on the website, urging followers to indulge in these coveted pieces.

Accompanied by a voiceover from the mother-of-two, the video emphasized the brand’s importance in every woman’s lingerie collection, blending allure with simplicity. Rihanna noted the smoothness and supportiveness of the bras, elevating their appeal. Within a day, the video garnered over 25,000 likes.

This bold demonstration of confidence comes hot on the heels of Rihanna’s performance at an Indian pre-wedding ceremony, an event that sparked controversy.

As clips of her performance circulated online, reactions ranged from sharp criticism to lighthearted jest.

Some comments sarcastically applauded her lack of enthusiasm, while others humorously questioned the presence of her performance. However, more pointed critiques labeled her a lackluster performer, citing past performances as evidence.

Despite the backlash, loyal fans expressed enduring support for Rihanna, though acknowledging disappointment in the performance’s quality, echoing sentiments of previous subpar performances.

This appearance follows Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show performance just a year prior. Amidst the ensuing commentary, it’s essential to recognize that Rihanna’s trip to India marked a significant milestone.

She graced the pre-wedding festivities of the son of India’s wealthiest individual in Jamnagar, commanding a staggering fee of $6.3 million.

The lavish three-day celebration attracted global CEOs, Bollywood stars, fellow pop icons, and even political figures.

With the entire wedding spectacle costing $152 million, Rihanna’s performance, though subject to criticism, left her seemingly unfazed.

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