Oprah Winfrey was taken to the hospital earlier this week, and her friend Gayle King is now sharing what happened. During the latest episode of Oprah’s Book Club on CBS, Oprah wasn’t there as usual to introduce her book choice.

Instead, Gayle King explained to author David Wroblewski, who was in the studio, why Oprah couldn’t make it. Gayle said, “I’m glad you’re here and I’m sorry Oprah can’t… Yesterday, she said, ‘I’m going to rally, I’m going to rally.’ She had a bad stomach flu where she was sick from both ends.”


Gayle King’s co-hosts, Nate Burleson and Tony Dokoupil, reacted audibly when she shared more details.

“I won’t go into too much detail,” Gayle said. “But she ended up in the hospital because of dehydration and needed an IV. It was serious, but she’s okay now. She will be okay.”

Gayle seemed to realize she shared a lot, quickly changing the subject to how Oprah would have wanted to be there to honor the author in person.


Gayle King apologized nervously, hoping Oprah wouldn’t be upset about her sharing that detail. She wanted everyone to understand how important it was to Oprah to be there but couldn’t due to feeling unwell. Gayle assured everyone they would make up for her absence.

During the show, Gayle, Nate Burleson, and Tony Dokoupil talked with the author who was picked by Oprah’s Book Club back in 2008.

After Gayle mentioned Oprah’s health, a statement was posted on Oprah Daily’s Instagram explaining why Oprah couldn’t be on CBS Mornings to announce her new book club pick. It said Oprah had a stomach virus and Gayle, being a great friend, stepped in to make the announcement. Oprah got better after getting an IV for dehydration as per her doctor’s advice. Everyone wished her a speedy recovery.


The caption came with an official statement from Oprah and her team. It said, “Ms. Winfrey is recovering after having a stomach virus and getting an IV for dehydration as advised by her doctor. She is resting and feeling better each day.”

Later on Tuesday, Gayle King had a video call with Oprah where Oprah explained that she didn’t actually go to the hospital but went to the emergency room to get fluids.

“I was in the emergency room. I was very dehydrated,” Oprah said. She added, “My mouth was dry, and I couldn’t drink enough water to get hydrated, so I went to the emergency room for that, and that’s all.”


When asked about her health, Oprah Winfrey said, “I’m not completely better yet, but I’m getting there.” She explained that she couldn’t be on CBS Mornings because she felt too weak to fly due to her recent illness.

Gayle King clarified in her post that Oprah had a stomach virus that made her very dehydrated, so she went to the hospital for an IV drip.

“I thought I made that clear, but then I saw headlines saying ‘Oprah’s hospitalized!’ (She wasn’t!) And I got a lot of calls asking if Oprah was okay,” King said. “Yes, she’s okay! And let’s hear it straight from her.”

It’s good news that Oprah is feeling better! The 70-year-old is beloved worldwide. Share this with other Oprah fans who might have been worried about her to reassure them!

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