George Clooney’s twins are just copies of their famous dad! See the adorable photos of Alexander and Ella that have fans buzzing about the striking resemblance. 👶👶✨

The path to the top of popularity for George Clooney was the American TV series “ER.” The actor participated in the filming of this series for five years. This is not his first film work, but it became one of the most significant at the beginning of his career.

In 1997, George appeared in a new role as a superhero in the film Batman and Robin, receiving a fee of $10 million for the main role.
Now George Clooney is 58 years old, he has more than 90 film roles to his credit, and his name is on the list of the highest paid actors. The actor’s personal life was full of romantic relationships. He is now married to Amal Alamuddin. Two years ago the couple became parents.
Amal is a lawyer and has worked in international court for a long time. She met George Clooney six years ago while relaxing on the lake. A few months later, the lovers announced plans to get married, and they got married in September 2014.
The wedding ceremony took place in Italy, and the outfits of the bride and groom were simply stunning. Exquisite dishes and superbly decorated tables made this day unforgettable not only for the heroes of the occasion, but also for numerous guests.
Almost three years after the wedding, the couple had twins.

Photos of two-year-old Alexander and Ella appear on the Internet very rarely. This is because parents don’t really like to reveal details of their children’s lives. It is only known that the father is also involved in raising the twins: George, despite his constant employment, often walks with the children, plays with them and helps feed them.


George Clooney became a father when he was already 56 years old. Their appearance became a real holiday for the actor. The young heirs have many expensive toys made to order, wear expensive designer clothes and travel a lot. The caring father tries to give Alexander and Ella the best! Now the twins are already 5 years old!

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