A couple who had divorced made the decision to keep their kids in a healthy atmosphere. The children remained with their mom. She struggled as a single mother, and her teenage daughter’s actions presented difficulties. Her ex-husband provided financial assistance, but he wasn’t always there. The daughter declined to assist with household duties.

In an attempt to resolve the situation, the mother proposed that her daughter pay the rent if she refused to assist and tried to talk about the value of family collaboration. The daughter thought the ex-husband had come to assist when he appeared the following day, feigning fury.

After a fight, the mother pretended to pass out. Terrified, the daughter recognized her error. The children would have to fend for themselves at their father’s place when the parents chose to take them there.



The daughter, shaken, apologized and vowed to do better. She changed during the next few days, voluntarily taking on more home duties. This tale demonstrates how stern love and collaboration may impart valuable life lessons to a misbehaving adolescent.


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