Before she eventually became pregnant, the woman had trouble becoming pregnant for six years. She decided to tell her partner on his 30th birthday since she was excited about the news. But she was rendered stunned by his unexpected response.

The 26-year-old woman and her partner had been together for ten years and had discussed starting a family. The online community chastised her spouse and voiced their concerns in the comments after she shared her story on Reddit. She gave Redditors an update on her encounter with him one month later.

The Original Poster (OP) had been feeling ill for a few days, but her hectic work schedule prevented her from seeing a doctor. When she eventually arrived at her doctor’s appointment on her boyfriend’s birthday morning, she couldn’t help but think of his celebration. After examining her vital signs and posing some inquiries, the doctor disclosed that she was pregnant.

She kept the news to herself until she came home, thinking it would make the ideal surprise for her spouse, but she was delighted to hear it after years of trying. But when she got back, her lover was deep in conversation with one of her friends. She pulled him aside to tell him the news, wanting some privacy, but he didn’t listen.

She couldn’t contain her joy and told everyone she was pregnant, even though he asked her to wait. She was astonished by his violent response, in which he declared it was supposed to be about him and accused her of spoiling his day.

The user posted on Reddit about how her partner broke up with her and then admitted it ten days later when he came back, claiming another lady. Remarkably, he made her an offer of anything to get her to abort their child, but she turned him down. He offered her two weeks to move to a new residence.

According to the person, her partner had no interest in getting married because, in his words, “marriage was something people needed to prove their love.” She claimed he had stopped her from attending college as it was several hours away from their house.

She added that the experience had taught her to stand up for herself rather than acting as a “doormat” for others to walk over, but many around her found this realization upsetting. “Some people have said that I’ve changed from the “lovely innocent” person they knew before this whole thing happened,” the speaker continued.

Most Redditors sympathized with OP and thought her partner was to fault. They believed he didn’t need to act as though he desired a kid with her.

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