Even though Amber Heard starred in several movies, her name became well-known after her highly publicized divorce from Johnny Depp.
The story began in 2018 when Depp filed a defamation lawsuit against The Sun following a report that claimed they had domestic abuse in their relationship. Heard then launched her lawsuit against Depp after accusing him of abuse in The Washington Post, beginning a legal spat that would stretch until June 2022.


Heard was ultimately found guilty of slander by the court. Heard is an American actress whose work has appeared in many different genres, but her turbulent relationship with Depp brought her to public attention. After they got together on the production of “The Rum Diary,” Depp got separated from his longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis and married Heard.

Their marriage, however, did not last long, as Heard filed for divorce a year later. Heard recently seemed significantly leaner and more serious in photos taken while jogging in Madrid. She was sprinting, wearing a dark blue sports outfit, wearing minimum makeup, and her phone was hanging around her neck while she listened to music. After the trial, Heard chose to move to Madrid because she wanted to stay out of the spotlight and leave the US.

Her daughter Una, who was born in 2021 through surrogacy, currently resides with her in Madrid. While conjecture regarding Una’s father’s identity abounds, one possibility is industrialist Elon Musk, whom Heard dated in 2017.


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