In an effort to start again, Ethan “ModBoy” Bramble is receiving laser surgery on his face. Bramble has more than 200 tattoos covering his body.

At the tender age of eleven, the American opted to have his ears stretched. Since then, he has undergone a number of modifications, including the removal of his belly button and the acquisition of a split tongue.

On the No Filter series of LadBibleTV, the tattoo enthusiast confessed that he had shelled out about $60,000 AUD (about £36,000) for his alterations.

However, the new dad did confess that he felt remorse for the scorn he had received from others due to his peculiar hobbies.

“I guess you could say I regret some tattoos. Not just regret, I think there’s a difference between regret and wanting to be perceived differently,” he confessed.

Ethan continued by saying that he is anxious about going about his day-to-day life, such as bringing his little daughter to school, without fear of criticism.

Also, he hinted that he wouldn’t want his kid to follow in his footsteps and get a face tattoo when he was young.

“The face is a big thing that can lead to so many – for some people, not everyone – can lead to a lot of problems for yourself, which I probably wouldn’t want my daughter to have to deal with until she was a bit older,” he continued.

“I wish that I had not gone as hectic as I did on my face.”

Ethan went on and admitted that he has been undergoing excruciating laser surgery to try to tone down his extreme look.

He said: “I’ve been getting laser [surgery], or have been, for pretty much 12 months… We do it in sections, but I’ve probably gone over the full thing six or seven times.

“I started getting it done because of the anxiety and stuff I was getting… Mental stuff is a funny thing to pin down, but I want to think that a lot of the anxiety was from just having a face full of tattoos.

“I’m happy with the way that I look, but I’m also happy with the mentality that over the next two years, my face tattoos are going to become less and less and less. I’m just clearing the canvas.”

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