Despite having PR and marketing teams with healthy budgets, some of America’s biggest brands have been caught up in serious blunders. From tone-deaf campaigns to products that truly insult and offend consumers, there is no shortage of instances when brands totally missed the mark and released items that manage to roundly draw criticism from the public. Mega brands like Target, Walmart, and others have all been the focus of intense backlash after they managed to alienate folks and make the collective soul of this nation do a giant facepalm.

You would think that these brands would have contingencies in place to stop them from royally screwing up, but oftentimes, things get missed in the shuffle and somehow make it onto the market. The ire that these brands have stirred up can often result in items being pulled from the shelves but also investigations mounted by outside entities as consequential as the US Justice Department. If you’ve ever wondered what brands have screwed up the most, you’ve come to the right place. This entire list is triggering so consider yourself warned that the items on it are very offensive and ill-advised.

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