Being pregnant must be one of the most amazing experiences in the world. The expecting parents are excited about the wonderful moments that will come after the arrival of this bundle of love.

Valerie Watts expected to see her baby’s face, but her happiness and emotions were dashed when she gave birth to a stillborn child.

Her pregnancy was going well until it unexpectedly altered.

Watts expressed: “I had known all week.” “He was less engaged than usual. “I was extremely tense”

Baby Noah’s umbilical cord becomes crushed while in the womb, causing him to die.

Watts was unable to overcome his anguish. Although her kid did not live, she refused to give up the crib she had purchased for him; keeping it at home served as a reminder of the sorrow that had struck her.

She was, in Gerald Kumpula’s words, “a little hesitant.” As I had predicted, she did want to sell it even if she may not have wanted to.

Kumpula resided close to Cokato and maintained a workshop outside of it. Even though it wasn’t marked down, he couldn’t afford to buy the crib he discovered at the Watts family garage sale.

Watts stated, “I hesitated when he asked me if I was selling that, that he manufactured benches.”

At the moment, Kumpulas had no idea the crib’s past.

Since he was no longer using the crib, Watts’ wife “was there looking through my garage sale, at some of the baby clothes, and asked how old my son was.”

Kumpulas gave the crib a facelift and returned it to the Watts family, understanding that they had owned it originally.

Watts said, “I began crying right away.”

Constructed from the baby’s crib, Kumpulas’ bench offers comfort to the bereaved parents as well as a reminder of better days past.

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