A TikTok user got a lot of criticism after talking about people who eat at fancy restaurants but don’t leave tips for the servers. The video got a lot of attention, showing how important tipping is.

On social media, there are many discussions about tipping in the United States. Some people are upset because tipping is seen as necessary, usually around 15-20% of the bill, and anything less is seen as not enough.

In a recent video (which has been taken down), a restaurant worker named Lillie, who goes by @mylasoasis_ on TikTok, said something bold. She said if you can’t afford to leave a tip, maybe you shouldn’t go out to eat at restaurants.

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Lillie talks to the camera at the start of her video, saying, “Going out to eat isn’t something you have to do. It’s something you choose to do. If you can’t leave a 20% tip, maybe you should rethink eating out.”

She talks about the ongoing debate about how servers get paid in the United States. Some people think servers should be paid differently, but for Lillie and many others who work as servers, they rely on tips to make a living.

Lillie explains that she only gets $3.63 from her restaurant as her wage. She relies on tips to earn enough money. She also mentions that restaurant prices are often lower because they expect customers to leave tips. So if you can’t afford to tip, she says, maybe you shouldn’t eat out.

She compares it to hiring a nanny. If you can’t pay someone a fair wage, you shouldn’t hire them. Similarly, if you can’t tip, you shouldn’t eat out. Lillie suggests that if you can’t tip, maybe you should get takeout or go to fast-food places instead.


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In the caption of her video, Lillie expresses her frustration, saying, “Even if people think we should get paid more per hour, the truth is, we don’t. Not tipping only makes things worse for you!”

After Lillie’s video, many people shared their thoughts in the comments. One person said they always tip but didn’t like how Lillie talked about it. They suggested finding a job with better pay if being a server isn’t enough.

Another person agreed, saying if the job doesn’t pay well, it’s better to find a different one. They thought Lillie’s attitude was over the top.

But some people supported Lillie. One person said they also make very little money per hour and don’t get paychecks. Another person said they agreed with Lillie’s message and wanted others to hear it too.

One person suggested that if someone doesn’t want to tip because they think servers should get better pay, they should only go to restaurants that pay their workers well.

Someone else said they always tip, but they don’t think tipping 20% is necessary, especially if the service wasn’t good. They believe tips should depend on how good the service was.

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