A woman was put in a difficult situation on a trip when a fellow traveler with an 18-month-old child asked her to take one seat and give the toddler the other. The woman declined, despite having paid for both seats because of her size and need for comfort. The mother made the flight attendant uncomfortable the entire way, even though she knew what was going on and told her to hold the child. The woman asked if she had been unjust on Reddit, seeking feedback.

Reactions were mixed; some sided with the woman and emphasized that it was her duty to purchase a seat for her child. Others chastised the mother for taking advantage of the lap policy and believing someone would forfeit a paid ticket. Some advised complaining about the employee’s support of harassment with the airline.

Ultimately, disagreements about who was correct in this contentious mid-air encounter led to discussions of entitlement, personal space, and societal expectations.

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