THIS IS MY HUSBAND AND HIS MISTRESS. NOW I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING AFTER KARMA CAUGHT UP WITH HIM. We’ve been together for ages, and have two kids. About a month ago, I started noticing he was going on ‘business trips’ too frequently. Then I found receipts in his car for the same hotel room in our town. Recently, he came home saying, “I have to leave urgently.” I’m like, “Sure, fine,” but I decided to follow him. And of course, I caught him at the hotel with this woman. I stood there, watching them embrace, and I WAS TORN APART INSIDE. My hands were literally shaking with anger. OH, YOU SHOULD’VE SEEN THEIR FACES when I jumped out from around the corner! But the best thing happened a few days later when I found out what HIS MISTRESS did!

Derek has always been a representation of a loving husband and a dedicated father. He has always been there for his family. What’s most, he worked hard, sometimes overtime, in order to provide a life of luxury to his wife and children.

It happened every now and than that Derek needed to go out of town because of business, and his wife was supportive and took care of the kids while he was away.

One day, as his wife was cleaning his car, something he usually did himself, she stumbled upon some pieces of paper and some documents. Among them, there was a hotel receipt and it was from the time Derek said he would be doing business with some of his colleagues. This was strange, because the receipt was from a hotel placed at their hometown.

The wife thought to herself that there needed to be a logical explanation for that, but she wasn’t willing to confront her husband. However, that didn’t mean she wouldn’t inspect the matter any further.

Determined to get to the bottom of this, she started to pay closer attention to Derek’s comings and goings. Her thorough investigation extended to gathering every receipt she could lay her hands on—whether casually left in his pockets or forgotten in his car. While most were mundane, representing everyday purchases, occasionally, another hotel receipt would emerge, each one sending a small shock through her heart.

One day, when Derek announced yet another business trip, his wife decided to follow him.

As she drove right after him, her heart sank when she realized he stopped at the hotel. There, he met with a gorgeous young lady. They kissed and laughed.

The shock of seeing them so close and so personal was overwhelming.

Fueled by a rush of adrenaline, she emerged from the hiding spot and confronted them head-on. The expressions on their faces were a mosaic of shock, guilt, and fear—all laid bare. Derek faltered, attempting to offer an explanation, but she refused to listen to any of it.

She later learned that Derek and his mistress were seeing each other for some time. But what he didn’t know was that she was a scammer. After gaining his trust, she made him open a joint account for their future life together, but she ended up withdrawing every penny out of it.

Once their relationship was exposed, Derek’s mistress took all hi money and disappeared.


He was shocked. It was obvious that he had fallen for her, but he was deceived in the same manner he deceived his wife.

In the aftermath of their split, Derek’s wife found herself reassessing every aspect of the years they had been together. Their once vibrant home now felt altered, a tangible void echoing the repercussions of Derek’s choices on the marriage and the family’s financial security. The prenuptial agreement, once an insignificant piece of paper, became a safeguarding that was to protect whatever left for the children’s future.

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