Jaden Smith, along with his parents Will and Jada Pinkett, sister Willow, and grandmother Adrienne Banfield-Norris, recently came together on the latest episode of “Red Table Talk” to discuss some health challenges that have impacted their family. In a friendly and easy-to-understand manner, they shared their experiences and the steps they have taken to improve their well-being.

During the conversation, 21-year-old Jaden opened up about his struggle with intense stomach problems and his determination to find a solution. Aware of the criticism he faced when he adopted a vegan diet, Jaden hesitated to seek guidance. However, he acknowledged the importance of his health and chose to move forward with the assessment.

Dietary Adjustments for Optimal Health

Dr. Mark Hyman and nutritionist Mona Sharma were consulted to assist Jaden on his health journey. Dr. Hyman explained that Jaden’s health issues were largely caused by consuming the wrong types of food. To address specific deficiencies, dietary changes and the incorporation of supplements were recommended.

It was found that gluten and dairy were problematic for Jaden, and considering his vegetarian lifestyle, concerns arose about vitamin and omega-3 deficiencies as well. Dr. Hyman assured Jaden that by resolving his stomach issues and adjusting his diet accordingly, he would regain his vitality and continue to make an impact.

A Concerning Experience and Necessary Changes

In September, Jaden’s extreme diet raised concerns for his parents. He admitted to not feeling or looking good, and his health took a turn for the worse while he was in Australia, leading to hospitalization for nausea and dizziness. This understandably worried his family.

Inspiring Wellness Journey

The Smith family has always been open about their mental and physical health. Just recently, Will shared his own colonoscopy experience, where a polyp was discovered and removed. This incident reinforced the importance of prioritizing one’s health.

Will emphasized the significance of committing to a healthy lifestyle, highlighting that it may involve some initial discomfort. He expressed his desire to share their experiences with others, in the hopes that it will encourage everyone to take charge of their health and enjoy the wonderful years ahead.

Through their candid conversation on “Red Table Talk,” Jaden Smith and his family have shown their commitment to tackling health issues head-on. Their openness and willingness to share their journey aim to inspire others on their own wellness paths.

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