This Latino-American diva ages like a great wine and only gets better with time, so it is difficult to imagine that she is 54. The legendary singer and actress can wear even the most exposing clothes she could ever dream of because of her flawless body.

The majority of her wardrobe selections are praised and admired by fashion experts, but her «inappropriate» style is constantly attacked on social media, with some dubbing her an old woman who has forgotten her age.

Can you believe that the show business celebrity was photographed wearing olive pants and an intriguing coat with nothing underneath? Some people saw that she had a top on underneath, but it was totally see-through and didn’t conceal anything.

She proudly responds when asked what maintains her one of the most sought-after and in-demand celebrities that she values a healthy lifestyle that involves eating well and occasionally visiting the gym.

Some could argue that she is incredibly beautiful for her age and that there are none like her in the business.

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