King Charles gave Princess Charlotte an unprecedented future role through this sweet message that moved the Princess of Wales to tears during a recent visit to Princess Katherine and Prince William’s Anmer Hall residence in Norfolk. The monarch spoke candidly about his hopes for the future, revealing a personal sentiment rarely shared by royalty. In an unprecedented gesture, King Charles expressed his anticipation for a granddaughter who would offer companionship and care in his later years. The 75-year-old monarch said, “She is beautiful. I was hoping for a granddaughter, someone to look after me when I am very old.”

The king’s sweet words expressed his hopes for his eldest granddaughter and showed how much he would support her as she grew up. His words carried a poignant sincerity, reflecting a desire for familial bonds to transcend generations and endure through time. As Catherine listened to the king’s message, she was overwhelmed by the depth of his sentiment. The idea of Princess Charlotte assuming such a significant role touched her deeply, evoking tears of both joy and gratitude.

Despite now being a grandfather of two granddaughters, King Charles has reportedly only met Lilibet once. Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Prince Louis are known to be very close to their paternal grandfather, with the trio said to refer to him as “Grandpa Wales.”

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