Meghan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, are living quite an extraordinary life in California, especially compared to the life they had while working as members of the royal family. The couple have secured multi-million dollar deals, but not all of them have been successful.

Meanwhile, the feud between them and the royal family continues. The fact that King Charles and Kate Middleton received cancer diagnoses morbidly enough opened up somewhat of a chance of them making amends with The Firm, and a good first step would surely be to visit them.

Prince Harry visited his father for a brief meeting after the monarch’s cancer diagnosis had been made public. Meghan didn’t travel with him, and it’s been a long time since she last stepped on UK soil. It’s been reported that it could happen next month. However, a source claims she may cancel the trip – because of fears for her children’s safety.

Harry and Meghan have been in the spotlight for years now.

Not only because they left the royal family – going on to feature in several high-profile interviews – but also because of their ongoing feud with the establishment they left behind.

Many felt the now-infamous Oprah Winfrey interview started their “war” against the monarchy. During the sit-down, the couple made startling claims regarding what they’d been forced to endure while living together in the UK.

Money still kept flooding in as they started their new lives.

In September 2020, the couple secured a five-year $100 million production deal with Netflix. Then there’s the four-book deal with their publisher – said to include an eye-watering $20 million advance and global royalties for Harry’s book Spare – which might be worth more than $120 million. Moreover, Meghan and Harry pocketed an additional $20 million for their Spotify deal. According to an industry expert speaking to Newsweek, the agreement itself might be worth $35 million.

Their Netflix series was a huge success, and Harry’s book, Spare, sold millions of copies in just a few days. Meghan even launched her own Spotify podcast, which seemed hugely promising in its early days.

However, in June last year, the couple suffered a huge setback, both career-wise and economically. Archewell Audio, the media group run by Harry and Meghan, and streaming giant Spotify announced that they had mutually agreed to end their multi-million dollar contract.

The $20 million contract saw the Duke and Duchess of Sussex produce just one series – Meghan’s podcast Archetypes – following their 2020 agreement.

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