People were interested in the visit itself, but there is something about Meghan Markle’s dress that people think sends an ironic message.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry started their trip to Nigeria on Friday by visiting a school. However, online, people are talking more about one thing than the time they spent with the kids.

Heather Merrick’s peach maxi dress made the Duchess of Sussex look beautiful. The dress’s style is called “Windsor,” which may or may not be a coincidence.

Markle wore this dress with a gold necklace and a longer wooden bead necklace that matched the one Prince Harry gave her when they were there.

She wore her hair in a low ponytail to show off her retro gold Lanvin button earrings. She didn’t wear much makeup, which made her look beautiful.

When fans saw that the Duchess wore a dress named “Windsor” in 2024, after leaving the royal family and her home at Windsor Castle in 2020, they thought it was funny.

It’s possible that both palaces are teasing each other, since Buckingham Palace just pushed its own strawberry jam not long after Markle said that jam would be the first product from her American Riviera Orchard line.

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