When Bree finds out that her boyfriend Noah sees her grandmother for lunches every week in secret, her perspective on love and family is completely changed.

They have a genuine connection that permeates their interactions. Will this unplanned romance ruin her relationships with the two most important people in her life, or will they become stronger?

I’ve always believed that everything works itself out in the end. Even though I have gone through a lot in life, everything usually turns out for the best.

I’m Bree, and I’m twenty. Looking back, I’ve gone through a lot, but I’ve also had the good fortune to meet some very incredible individuals.

I was my parents’ favorite kid when I was a kid. I was showered with affection and attention since I was the only child. Because to my parents’ unfailing support, I enjoyed the nicest birthday parties, the best schools, and friends who were like family.

Before tucking me in at night, my dad would always tell me stories about his childhood adventures and tell me how much I meant to her.

But when I was ten years old, everything in my life fell apart. I feel like that day was yesterday. While my parents were in another city for a family reunion, my grandma was taking care of me. They hugged me even tighter before leaving.

It was like losing a piece of myself when I lost them. However, Grandma and Grandpa immediately filled the voids left by my parents. I never felt alone with them.

Every night, Gran would read me stories that brought the world a little bit closer. When we went to theme parks, Grandpa would push me up on the swings, higher and higher, as though he could lighten my burdens.

They always gave such thoughtful gifts! But nothing was as warm and loving as they were. I treasured those times, those easygoing, peaceful days spent with them. They served as my stronghold, preventing me from fully experiencing the loss of my parents. Even with its scars, life seemed complete again when Gran and Grandpa were around.

Life, what? It throws you another curveball right when you think you’re stable. My grandparents and I weathered another storm a few years ago, right as I was beginning to truly get used to our routine—Grandpa went suddenly.

It really got to us. Gran must have been devastated to lose her life partner; for me, it was like losing a parent all over again.

Gran was amazing, even in the midst of her own suffering. She never let her sadness take away from the warmth and affection she lavished upon me, and she remained my rock. There was something more about her power. It strengthened our bond even more.

We were more than just a granddaughter and her grandma; we were a group of people, a little family that supported one another through thick and thin.

Honestly, Gran is the most beloved person in my life. Since she was my mentor and source of affection, I had complete faith in her judgment.

And Noah comes next. A year or so earlier, we had met at an art event. Do you recall the times when you click with someone? That was our situation. It seemed as though we had known one other for eons after that day.

A few years older than me at 23, Noah is simply amazing. Being around him inspires you to strive for betterment because of his real compassion.

We have a ton of similar interests, and he is kind, kind, and caring. It seems like happily-ever-afters aren’t simply fairy tales when it comes to him.

As our relationship grew more serious, I felt that Noah ought to meet Gran, the most significant person in my life. I sincerely hoped that Mom would recognize what I did in him and perhaps grant us her blessing. However, life often throws us a curveball.

When I first mentioned Noah to Gran, I thought she may smile or ask a pointed remark, but her response completely threw me off surprise. She was completely opposed to it. She said that I should not be thinking about meaningful relationships at this time since I am too young.

Gran told me to concentrate on my academics, sweetie, and she said it with such love in her voice. Your prospects cannot wait. For matters of the heart, you have your entire life ahead of you.

I won’t lie, it hurt. However, harming Gran or upsetting her? I was unable to handle the idea. I thus avoided bringing up Noah in front of her. Even though I still emailed him with loving emojis and met him, Gran wanted me to be the focused, industrious granddaughter that she knew I was.

Gran’s worries may have had a variety of responses from Noah, but he merely revealed his actual nature. He didn’t become irate or feel mistreated. Rather, he gave me a hug and said, “Bree, she just wants what’s best for you.” It’s awesome. We won’t hurry anything; we’ll go slowly.

I was even more in love with him after hearing him say it and witnessing his understanding without even the slightest hint of bitterness. It was about honoring my family’s desires as well as our own. That made all the difference to Noah.

College life, huh? It’s quite skilled at tricking you. In an attempt to keep up with the never-ending homework and projects, I ended up relocating into an off-campus dorm.

With everything on my plate, seeing Gran or getting to catch up with Noah became rare occasions; our conversations dwindled to messages and the sporadic FaceTime we managed to fit in.

You can only imagine how shocked I was to see Gran when I finally got some spare time and witnessed something extraordinary.

There she was, boarding a vehicle alongside Noah. My Neva. How could they possibly be going somewhere together without my knowledge? My pulse pounding and curiosity peaked, I made the decision to follow them.

My pulse pounded at every curve as I kept a safe distance behind the automobile. They pulled up in front of this cute small restaurant that I had never been to but had heard good things about. The events that followed were reminiscent of a heartwarming film.

Like the gentleman he usually is, Noah got out, strolled up to stand by her side, and opened the door for Gran. They strolled into the restaurant together, smiling and chatting as he held her hand and assisted her in getting out of the car.

I watched them take a table and laugh and talk through the glass. It made me happy to watch Gran laugh so hard—something I hadn’t seen in a long time. They exuded happiness and ease in one other’s company.

Any worries or fears I had at the time just vanished. Not only was Noah precious to me, but he was also special to the most significant individual in my life. There was no sight more uplifting than this one.

For several more minutes, I remained there, observing them. I felt like the luckiest person alive and understood how fortunate I was to have Noah in my life. not only in my corner but also in Gran’s.

With my heart still heavy from what I had seen, I discussed it with Noah over the weekend. All I wanted to do was find out more about the situation. The next thing he revealed startled me and overwhelmed me with feelings.

Bree, you know, it all started with a surprise visit from Noah to your grandma. His kind words matched the warmth of his deeds. “I thought it would be nice to see how she was doing, and perhaps spend some time with her.”

When Noah saw the grass needed to be mowed and offered to assist, he told how that day evolved into much more. “Gran and I had a natural connection, you know? She also talked about how, come rain or shine, your grandfather used to take her out on Thursdays.

Noah had been acting in this manner, then. He had been sneaking Gran out to lunch every Thursday afternoon. After doing whatever chores around the house she required done, they would go to her favorite restaurant. Honoring the custom Gran and her husband had shared, he insisted on paying every time.

“Every time, she chooses the location. We discuss everything, including my family, her old vacation experiences, and her favorite TV shows,” Noah said, his eyes brightening with each sentence.

Using my phone, I was able to record one of their outings: the way he led her into the restaurant with gentleness, the way they laughed and talked like old friends. Everything was just too much. My cheeks began to well up with tears as I understood the depth of their affection.

Bree, this is what your grandfather used to do. Squeezing my hand, Noah murmured, “I just wanted to keep some part of that alive for her.”

I stared at him, at this amazing man who had not only won my heart, but also assiduously blended into my family. I remembered how much I loved seeing Gran’s face light up with happiness.

“You know what she told me on Thursday last week?” The sound of Noah’s voice forced me to stop thinking. She claimed that she hadn’t felt this joyful since before Grandpa died away. She expressed to me how happy she is that you have met someone who values you just as much as he does the people he loves.

Experiencing the depth of love and attention Noah had put into creating this relationship with Gran was an intensely emotional experience. Being a decent boyfriend wasn’t enough; he was now family.

I was sitting there with tears running down my face and an overwhelming sense of thankfulness. I gave Noah a hug, not sure how to express how much I appreciated it. All I could manage was a whisper, yet even that conveyed the weight of every unspoken feeling. “Thank you.”

The adage about unanticipated benefits is accurate. In the relationship between the two most significant individuals in my life, I had discovered my. Indeed, it was quite sweet. Everything was involved.

There you have it, then. Over shared meals and stories, two people from different generations become friends. Sometimes, isn’t life just so wonderfully surprising? Just very thankful, I am. I have the utmost affection for these two human beings.

How do you feel? Their friendship is the cutest, isn’t it?

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