The “most favorable” periods in Ricki Lake’s life are presently happening.

On Monday, a previous presenter of a talk program shared a self-portrait on Instagram where she displayed her complexion and her feelings.

The photo displays Lake, who is 54 years old, with a smile on her face and wearing clothes while she enjoys herself in an outdoor bathtub that is flanked by tall redwood trees.

She said firmly, “These days are the best of my life.”

“Still relatively young at the age of 54 and a half!” I appreciate everything that needed to occur for me to arrive at this point. “A location characterized by total self-acceptance and self-love,” she commented.

Even though Lake started her path towards self-acceptance in 2019, she didn’t make it known to the world until 2022.

She shared a video that had not been made public of her shaving her head in December 2022.

video from this year (2019). She admitted in the caption of the video that she had been dealing with androgenetic alopecia, the reason for her hair loss, for 30 years.

Lake said in the description that they wanted to share this unedited video footage now, even though they had never done so before. They mentioned that they wanted to share it with all of the people who have followed their route and shown interest in it. I want you to be aware that I genuinely comprehend your pain since I am aware that some of you have personally encountered my struggle.

In this film, you may witness me attaining a state of calmness, liberation, and, above all, self-care and self-approval.

After shaving her head, Lake’s hair has regrown, and she has accepted that she has a “naturally gray and sometimes untamed head of hair.”

May all those facing difficulties find understanding and tranquility. Life is too brief.

She refuses to give in, even if some people find the image offensive.

One individual remarked, “I’m unsure why someone feels the need to present themselves in such a way,” while another replied, “That’s acceptable, but why do we have to witness it, just curious.” I find it somewhat strange to share a photo of oneself online that shows nearly no clothing. In my view.

She did not respond to any of them, but she did not appear to be upset by them either. We have the liberty to acknowledge the autonomy of the artists whose work we enjoy and share anything they choose.

What are your thoughts on her internet post?

In our view, her main comment deserves special consideration. Concerning ourselves with matters beyond our control is a futile use of time. We need to be able to embrace and care for ourselves, flaws and all!

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